WednesDIY//Rag Rug from Old T-shirts

Many moons ago, I started my rag rug project.  At the time, I was cycling out all of the worn-out clothes in my closet– clothes with holes, clothes that had stretched, clothes with stains from the kiddos (and perhaps from my messy self, too), clothes that didn’t fit me and clothes I probably shouldn’t have purchased in the first place.  As they sat in a heap on my floor, I couldn’t help but think that even though they weren’t the greatest on me, they still had some life left in them. And more than that, I couldn’t muster the idea of wasting so many yards of fabric! Insert self challenge here.

Eventually,  my idea for a rag rug was born and I was thrilled! I had made a rag rug before, along it was on a loom and it was a very long time ago.  But, for this rug, I knew that I wanted it to be crocheted, as my needles were becoming a bit dusty in my craft area.

So, here is what I did and here is what you could do, too:

Step #1: Cut strips from old t-shirts.


Step #2: Tie loose strips together.


#3: Roll fabric into ball. This makes the process much smoother!


#4: Begin crocheting the rug and eventually, eventually, you will be done.


The LAST STEP: Take your shoes off and relax! This project is at last done!


Like I said, this project took me many months, but not because it was hard.   I simply couldn’t find the days to sit and DO it! But once life slowed down, I was able to wrap up this project swiftly! And looking at my rug every morning on my way out the door, I have to smile and feel quite proud that I didn’t just throw those old clothes in the trash.

Things I learned for next time:

1. Notice the weight of the materials closely.  Next time I would only use t-shirts of the relatively same weight in order to keep my border more even.

2. Notice the color coordination when rolling your ball.  Although I am okay with the randomness of this rug, it may appear overwhelming at times. Next time, I would carefully chose which colors I was putting together.


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