Mmm… Monday//Juice

Juice, anyone?

Yes, please.

Sometime ago Sean purchased this juicer.  We love it- very much. Some people have animals and children– we have plants and a juicer. Typically Sean makes the juice for us. But last week, he wasn’t home and I wasn’t feeling particularly well, so I decided to break it out and try my hand at this juicing business. Dragging myself to the store down the road, I loaded my bag with as many fruits with high levels of Vitamin C as I could afford. Then home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

For this immune system kicker drink I used one grapefruit, two oranges and a mango.  And within an hour of drinking it, I was feeling some light years better! No medications needed–thanks Mother Nature!


Do any of my readers use a juice machine? What’s your favorite juice?


One thought on “Mmm… Monday//Juice

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