Up-Cycle Challenge: Paper into Christmas Decorations

Around the same time that my Grandma gave me a slew of old crocheting magazines, I also inherited pages beyond pages from an old cook book.  I’ve used the old pages for lots of things, but my pile seems to be endless! So I set a challenge for myself to incorporate them into Christmas decorations. Preemptively I made a bushel of ornaments, but since Sean has halted Christmas tree shopping until December, I was forced to use the papers in less obvious ways, sneaking a bit of the season into our apartment in a more mild fashion.

Making the pennant was quick and easy. To begin, I cut triangles from the paper. I then wrote each letter free hand with a red sharpie marker. Finally I taped each triangle to a piece of long twine. Personally, I like the effect that the text has peeking through the red.  I also tried a black market but wasn’t as impressed with the boldness it presented.  To hang it, I draped it over my window and stuck some tape on the back.

 Simple and imperfect, this up-cycled pennant brings a hopeful message of cheer to my favorite niche in our apartment.


3 thoughts on “Up-Cycle Challenge: Paper into Christmas Decorations

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