WednesDIY// Driftwood Hanger

This past summer I went on driftwood collecting binge.  In all honestly, it wasn’t healthy. But my brother lives on a lake and the drift wood was so plentiful that I couldn’t stop my hoarding creative urges. However, once I obtained all of this righteously washed ashore wood, I wasn’t  exactly sure what I should do with it. So, I did what all great hoarders creators do: I let it sit in a heap behind my loom and waited for the ideas to come!

And boy, did they come!

At the time I was in desperate need of a place to hang my necklaces. Hence, I decided to make a necklace hanger from my first piece of wood.  And so my simple mission began:

1. I went to World Market and purchased three Fair Trade hooks.  They have many different styles there– of course I decided to get ones that did not match.

2. I nailed the hooks on the board. In fact, the driftwood was so soft that I didn’t even need a hammer–even better!

3. I nailed a picture hanger on the back of the driftwood and hung it up!

Voila! That was it. Honestly, it was beyond easy and took less than five minutes.  Overtime I have converted the hanger many times.  It now hangs in our entry way; a peaceful resting place for our watch owl and a constant reminder of some Daoist wisdom.

Happy Hump Day, friends!


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