The Center of the Universe// Sunshine in November!

This morning, when I woke up & saw this streaming across my floor:

I knew that it was a sign for me to get up, get going & get outside!

The sun has been pretty scarce around here this week, so it was a might blessing to discover it so early on my day off! Off I went, Sean’s camera in tote, taking the long way to the Farmers Market.  Do you ever see those people walking & smiling to themselves and you wonder what are they so happy about? Well I can tell you what they are happy about because today, “they” are me; and today I am happy about life & feeling pretty fortunate to be here: in the Center of the Universe, because if it’s one thing I have learned in this life it’s that behind every dark shadow is sunshine.

Then back home again, for a day of cleaning with the windows open. And so, despite having to do things around here, I am happy to have the company, even if all it can actually do is peek through the windows.


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