Preparing for the Winter Indoors

I have a problem– a furniture moving problem.

My symptoms? I feel it necessary to move the couch with each change of the season (regardless of how heavy, awkward and obnoxious the furniture is to move).

So last weekend, with the coming of winter, I decided it was time to switch things up.  But, after many attempts, I had to admit that our apartment is capable of only one set-up.  Which left me to rearranging bedrooms and making messes elsewhere.  But before I walked out of our family room, I had to make a small change to satisfy the itch. So Sean and I put a little green in it, moved our plants around and made them the new focal point.

When it comes to decorating, I think your home should reflect the opposite of the weather outside.  So, when it’s hot outside, I like to make it cool & calm indoors, and now that it’s cold outside, I like it warm & pleasant indoors.  For now our home has become an oasis from the weather to come and I can’t wait to snuggle in for the lock-down.   Snow was spotted Up North this morning; it’s only a matter of time until it creeps South.


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