Mmmm…. Mondays/ Calzones.

Most Saturdays, I scour my fridge, pulling & sorting out everything that I have left over from the week.  Sean is particularly passionate about not wasting food, and so, in an attempt to jump on the waste-less bandwagon, I try to make frequent concoctions from leftovers. Some are great, some are flops, some we are able to put down the chute but don’t repeat. But you never know until you try and so, I always give it a shot!

What I had in my fridge this week: Left-over spaghetti sauce, feta cheese, provolone sandwich slices, dried tomatoes. 

What I wanted: I wanted to make enough of something to freeze, so that we could pop it in the oven later this week or next when I wasn’t in the mood for cooking.

My idea: Calzones.

I had made calzones a few weeks ago, but wanted to try a whole wheat crust recipe instead of the white flour recipe I had used before.

1. I started by making the crust, then rolling them into individual circles about four to six inches round.

2. Then I, not so stratigically, layered the sauce, cheeses, tomatoes and some frozen brocolli on one side of the circle.

3. I folded them together. 

4. I baked them according to the pizza crust directions and let them cook until golden. 

5.  After they cooled, I put them in the freezer. 

The review: In the end, I didn’t like the whole wheat recipe as much as I would have liked, but try, try again. The rest of the calzones were great, though.  Now, the only thing we have to do is re-heat them for a easy meal– and neither of us can mess that up!


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