Creating State Storyboards

It was after spending an entire afternoon cruising Pinterest for things I didn’t need, have time or room for, or have money for, my idea for state storyboard came to me.

What I saw on Pinterest: Lots of flat pieces of wood with a heart nailed into them, and string sporatically connecting one nail to another in order to fill the center.

What I wanted to make: Something similar (omitting any pink string) that looked like my home state of Michigan.

Purpose: I wanted to hang it in my and Sean’s apartment with pictures of us on hikes, and postcard from towns we visited, ect. I wanted it to become a storyboard for our Michigan adventures.

My goals for the project?  I wanted all of the main materials to be recycled– for a few reasons. First, because even ugly things on the way to the dumpster deserve a second chance; and Secondly, at the time I was very poor and couldn’t afford much. And third, why buy what has already been made?

Step One: Find the materials.

We scoured Sean’s apartment basement (some many months back) in the middle of a rain storm.  This basement had become a catch all for anything that previous tenants didn’t want and so in it sat tons of free things for the taking (and a homeless man in the corner, who we hoped would be friendly and not scare us senseless before we could grab everything we wanted and RUN!). We found old pictures that were matted onto black wooden boards.

Step Two: Make a plan with what you found.

The plan was simple. We wanted to use the old back as the new front, so that we had a flat base to work with. All we had to do was remove old hardware, sand down the back and paint with a fresh color.  We left the it streaked, mostly because perfection is not my thing.

Step Three: Create an outline.

We drew an outline of Michigan on a large piece of paper. Then, we laid the Michigan outline in the center of the board.

Step Four:Hammer nails in.

We evenly spaced our nails around the outline. Fortunately, we had used grid paper for our outline, which helped us to arrange our nails evenly.

Step Five: Weave twine through the nails.

We used recycled twine from hay bails. Thankfully, Sean’s mom lives and runs a farm and we have lots of access to such things. We also used some basic string we found at Meijer. Nothing too crazy!

Step Six: We called it good and hung it up! And we are still very, very happy with it!

2 thoughts on “Creating State Storyboards

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