The Number Three

October, where have you gone? I feel like I was just celebrating your arrival and now you are on the way out, just as quickly as you came.

This month my weekends have been buried in projects– projects for my twin sister’s wedding, projects for the cookbook I am designing, projects for my & Sean’s apartment, and projects designed just to avoid all the other projects. With all of these projects consuming my time, October has shown itself as one of the best months this year.

Last night during dinner Sean and I were talking about how quickly time has passed since we moved in together.  On one hand it feels like we just moved in yesterday, but on the other it feels like we have always been living in apartment D.  How is it possible then, that three months is the reality?

But three, it seems, is all over the place lately. Three, it seems, is the magic number for us right now.

  • In three days my twin sister, Brittany will be married.
  • In three months Sean and I will have to make an important decision about where we will be living, working and maybe going to grad school.
  • And in three years, I will almost be months away from thirty– okay, STOP push that one to the back off the plate, Danielle!

(But, with time moving as quickly as it seems, I am sure the third third on my list will find me quickly.)

In the mean time, however, there are more projects to immerse myself in, more conversations to share and more fun to be had with people who matter! I hope you’ll stick around to find out what’s next!


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